New IMSA MF1250/2FL

Our new IMSA deep drilling and milling machine MF1250/2FL works on molds/blocks up to 6 tons.
A workpiece having a diameter as large as 1.900mm maximum can rotate inside the machine structure. 1.000×1.000mm rotary/tilting table, infinite-position rotation movement, infinite-position 25…-25 degrees inclination.
Drilling depth in single operation: 1.250 mm. Deep drilling method: gundrill. Deep drilling spindle, power 9 kW, 6.000 rpm, for gun drilling Ø 4-25 mm, max. 32 mm counterboring or in short-chipping materials.
This spindle is generally utilized to drill water lines in molds.
Straight drilling (3-axes), single-angle drilling (4-axes) and compound-angle drilling (5-axes machining thanks to rotary-tilting table).
Milling head ISO40, power 9 kW, 4.000 rpm. The milling head is positioned on the headstock, on top of the drilling slide, and is optimized for machining operations that prepare and complete the deep holes (spot facing, spade drilling, rigid tapping or thread milling). No intervention required for switchover gundrilling/milling and back. High-pressure oil (50 bar) through milling spindle. Automatic tool changer for milling head.