Let’s welcome our new EMCO !

The design in cast iron and welded steel guarantees the maximum in rigidity and thermosymmetry. Short
power flows assure the highest precision and an excellent surface quality of the workpiece.

Aided by the 5-sided machining with a single set-up and swivel-rotary table we can mill parts in a clamping area of 750 x 600 mm.

Thanks to the direct interaction between EMCO Apps and the machine control,  all data related to Productivity are available at a Glance, great support in our Industry 4.0 approach!

Our BMB KW450Ton

In October 2018 we installed a new 450 ton BMB injection machine.
In this way we are able to offer our customers a turnkey service directly in house.

For moulds that requires a bigger injection machine we continue counting on our historical partners, with a long-term experience in plastic injection and located close to us.
With their support, we test the moulds looking for the best process parameters and we produce small pre-series…

But only until we will install our own second injection machine. Stay tuned!

Stay tuned to MTM!

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Almost all major manufacturers of cars and automotive parts have dislocated their production facilities in Mexico. This will evolve Mexico into a hub for the worldwide export of automobiles, developing a strategically important market and taking advantage of the enormous potential that the Country can offer.
MTM gets on this train and will participate to the EUROGUSS MEXICO from 24 to 26 October 2018 at the FUNDIEXPO Guadalajara.

Come visit us at STAND EG 06 !

MTM 4.0

We have joined the fourth industrial revolution – a progress that brings benefits also to our customers : quick communication and information transparency!

Thanks to the IT structure that permeates every operative function, our machines and personal computers are perfectly connected online, thereby facilitating intervention by people. In this way, the activities of design, manufacture and control communicate with one another, interacting in real time with the aid of software : MES – ON-MACHINE MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE – CAM – 3D SIMULATOR for 5-axis milling machine – 3D CAD.

A completely new approach, to guarantee an entirely automated and interconnected industrial production.

Christmas Holidays

MTM GROUP will be closed for Christmas holidays from December 23rd to January 7th.
This year has been full of positive business collaborations and we are sure next year will bring new inspiration, new goals and new achievements.
But now, just think about relaxing and…Enjoy your holidays !


800 m² of Full Service. 800 m² of Full Organisation

We announce the new assembling department in our plastic Business Unit.
With 8 specialized operators working in 8 maintenance stations with their own 3D screens, we can manage assembling, maintenance, changes and corrections all in House. We can handle moulds up to 10 tons weight and we perform fitting and adjusting check thanks to our spotting press UTAS800, which is also rotative for 2K moulds.

New 5 Axes MIKRON HPM1850U

In August we set up our new 5-axis-simultaneous MIKRON HPM1850U.

Longitudinal X mm 1850
Cross Y mm 1400
Vertical Z mm 720/905

Thanks to the thermo-symmetrical structure and powerful motor driven spindles, optimized for loading high weights and direct measuring system on all axes, this machine which will allow us to improve our production capacity.
Furthermore the scraped support surfaces on the linear guides enable us to get absolute geometrical accuracy.

The very latest Swiss motor driven spindles, directly-driven circular and swivel axes and a stable machine body offer the very best conditions to manufacture modern tools economically and precisely.

Special parts can be clamped on and prepared during the main operating time, also during series production. This automated machine can be kept in continual use, also when only one shift is being worked in the production area. A significantly longer running time per day is possible in this way compared to a machine without a pallet magazine.

Summer holidays 2017

We inform you that MTM GROUP will be closed from the 05/08 till the 20/08.

Enjoy your Holidays, relax your minds and be prepared..

we will come back with a great news :

our new 5 axes milling machine MIKRON HPM 1850U !

New IMSA MF1250/2FL

Our new IMSA deep drilling and milling machine MF1250/2FL works on molds/blocks up to 6 tons.
A workpiece having a diameter as large as 1.900mm maximum can rotate inside the machine structure. 1.000×1.000mm rotary/tilting table, infinite-position rotation movement, infinite-position 25…-25 degrees inclination.
Drilling depth in single operation: 1.250 mm. Deep drilling method: gundrill. Deep drilling spindle, power 9 kW, 6.000 rpm, for gun drilling Ø 4-25 mm, max. 32 mm counterboring or in short-chipping materials.
This spindle is generally utilized to drill water lines in molds.
Straight drilling (3-axes), single-angle drilling (4-axes) and compound-angle drilling (5-axes machining thanks to rotary-tilting table).
Milling head ISO40, power 9 kW, 4.000 rpm. The milling head is positioned on the headstock, on top of the drilling slide, and is optimized for machining operations that prepare and complete the deep holes (spot facing, spade drilling, rigid tapping or thread milling). No intervention required for switchover gundrilling/milling and back. High-pressure oil (50 bar) through milling spindle. Automatic tool changer for milling head.

MEX2017: A success for MTM

We are very proud and satisfied with the results of MEX2017 Fair in Stuttgart. It has been a great opportunity for us to build new bridges, which we are sure will open many doors for new business opportunities.
We look forward to grow the seeds we plant and strengthen the international high level partnership we established.

Moulding Expo 2017 !

We will take part as exhibitor at the MOULDING EXPO 2017, International Trade Fair for Tool, Pattern and Mould Making, which will be held in Stuttgart (Germany) from 30th of May to 02nd of June.

To all interested professionals and partners..
come meet us in HALL 4 at our STAND 4B 57 !

If you require further information or want to make an appointment, feel free to contact us at export@mtmgroup.it

Council Member visits MTM production sites

On March 17th we welcomed the Councilor for Economic Development of the Lombardy region, Dr. Mauro Parolini. The Council Member visited the moulds production sites of both Business Units: plastic injection and aluminum die casting. The meeting was positive and constructive, with many concrete causes for reflection aimed to adapt the legislative proposals to everyday working reality. Starting from an already solid business base, the corporate vision of MTM is seriously directed towards a path of growth, that allows us to keep updated in a constantly changing market.

High performance Analysis thanks to Moldex3D !

“We cannot think to design and manufacture moulds
without investments in Software and Machines”

This is one of our guiding principles.

And this is the reason why we decided to equip our technical dept. with Moldex3D, a new CAE software that allows us to improve our engineering procedure.
This software simulates the most advanced processes of injection moulding, optimizing the product design and its feasibility.

Thanks to Moldex3D we can perform a complete analysis of filling, warpage and cooling and provide our customers with the results of these analysis !

New Year… New Website!

We are pleased to launch the new version of our Website, which presents the turnkey service of MTM Group with completely renewed graphics.

Details and pictures that help you understanding the power of a single partner with 360° service, structured and specialized in the design and manufacture of moulds for plastic injection and die casting.

VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE to explore MTM world !

Christmas holidays

MTM GROUP will be closed for Christmas holidays from 24 December to 1 January included .

Just a few days rest to recharge the batteries and meet the challenges of new year!

We hope you will enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

For those of you who plan to go skiing, please come back safely 😉

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

…our 3D printer !

We take advantage of new technologies to provide better service! The purchase of our new 3D printer has exactly that purpose: to run prototypes to develop pre-studies related to the final product.
Our 3D printer is FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), a system that provides for the dissolution of the thermoplastic material and the deposition thereof on the plane. This is the most widespread technology : it allows easy scalability and versatility, due to the large number of workable materials: PLA, ABS, PC + ABS, TPU (rubber)… together with the possibility to print in two-components!

The print area is: 620 x 350 x 490 mm , with mechanical accuracy of 0.015 mm!

IMSA MF 1250/2FL : coming in March 2017

Finally we concluded the purchase of new drilling machine we are installing in March 2017! This deep drilling centre will allow us to dramatically reduce the machining time and minimize the mould movements between one machine and another.

with  MILLING DEPTH of 1.250mm

Thanks to the 6 CONTROLLED AXIS this machine avoids continuous repositioning of the pieces also between workings on an inclined surface.
The ROTO-TILTING TABLE give us the possibility e to realize drilling of complex cooling circuits in double inclination.

K Trade Fair 2016 !

We are very satisfied with the results of the trade fair K 2016 in Düsseldorf: lots of visitors at our booth and newborn business opportunities. The fair was an opportunity for us to open new doors for international partnerships.

Now we are ready for new business challenges and look forward to new positive cooperation!

Thanks to all visitors!

Ankiros 2016


We participated in the trade fair ANKIROS 2016, appointment reserved for those who, like us, decide to expand their horizons in this market that increasingly turns more to Asian borders. Positive experience, with many contacts interested … and interesting!

Thanks to all who visited our stand!