New 5 Axes MIKRON HPM1850U

In August we set up our new 5-axis-simultaneous MIKRON HPM1850U.

Longitudinal X mm 1850
Cross Y mm 1400
Vertical Z mm 720/905

Thanks to the thermo-symmetrical structure and powerful motor driven spindles, optimized for loading high weights and direct measuring system on all axes, this machine which will allow us to improve our production capacity.
Furthermore the scraped support surfaces on the linear guides enable us to get absolute geometrical accuracy.

The very latest Swiss motor driven spindles, directly-driven circular and swivel axes and a stable machine body offer the very best conditions to manufacture modern tools economically and precisely.

Special parts can be clamped on and prepared during the main operating time, also during series production. This automated machine can be kept in continual use, also when only one shift is being worked in the production area. A significantly longer running time per day is possible in this way compared to a machine without a pallet magazine.